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Board Certified Physician Authored Animations

Welcome to ArchieMD Legal Graphics, the leading provider of 3D animations and imagery for medical-related litigation.

Our products are unique to this market, offering the unparalleled combination of:

  • A world-class visual teaching model

  • Board certified physician guidance

  • Extensive experience in jury education and mediation presentation

"We live in an age dominated by rapid advances in technology.  It should therefore come as no surprise that the effective use of technology can have a dramatic effect on the pool of people who serve as jurors.  Studies show that more and more of today's jurors grew up on videogames, the internet, and a wide variety of multimedia entertainment.  Gone are the days when jurors were satisfied to see only the lawyer speaking, or to view only enlarged still photographs.  Today's jurors are not only more comfortable receiving multimedia information, they expect and prefer it."

*Portions of this article appeared in Virginia Lawyers Weekly

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