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Our Process

After the initial conversation about your case, we will ask you to send a brief summary of the case, pertinent images, files or reports, and any ideas you may have about what you would like to show in the animation.  All of this material will be reviewed by our Medical Director, whom will prepare a complimentary proposal for your review.  This proposal will include a detailed description of the animation along with the applicable fees.

Once the outline of your case is established and the paperwork is signed, we will create a working draft.  The draft is uploaded to a secure FTP website for review by you and/or your experts.

If necessary, two complimentary revisions (within the original scope of the project) are included.  Our Medical Director will also be available to you to discuss the animation.  The final animation can be delivered as a digital file, or almost any other method you prefer.

We suggest a minimum of an eight week lead time from the initial conversation to the final file's delivery date.  Cases needing faster turnaround are addressed individually.

Robert Levine, MD - Medical Director

Dr. Robert Levine is a Board Certified Emergency Physician with a broad base of medical knowledge.  He is in active practice at a major academic medical center and has extensive experience as an expert witness.  As a pioneer in enhancing education through computer generated graphics, he has conducted research in developing innovative techniques to simplify complex health and medical concepts.  This reasearch has received sponsorships from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Department of Education (DOE), and the US Military.  His unique expertise will help craft animations and graphics that will both engage and maximize communication with the jury.

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