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Our Advantage

Medical Expertise

All projects are managed by our Medical Director, a board-certified physician in active practice at a major university and hospital.  Our Medical Director also has extensive expert witness experience and will help you develop a persuasive custom animation for your case.


Extensive Experience in Jury Education and Mediation Presentation


Having created animations for close to 1000 cases across the United States, and having worked with top legal organizations and insurance companies, ArchieMD Legal Graphics has the most experience in producing professional and informative animations and images.

A World Class Teaching Model

The ArchieMD Virtual Patient is a nationally recognized teaching model used by many of the most prestigious medical institutions to simplify complex medical conditions with 3D visual explanations.  ArchieMD Legal Graphics uses the same top simulation software produce animations that can accurately demonstrate human anatomy, physiology, diseases, conditions, procedures, and more.


"ArchieMD's medical animations are great evidentiary tools for the trial lawyer.  ArchieMD does a great job bringing the medicine in a case to life in a way the jury can understand.  Their exhibits are great mediation tools also.  I highly recommend them for your cases."

"I cannot thank you all enough for your help with this case.  The animation, as utilized by our expert principally, was truly the thing that made the difference in trial... [We] spoke extensively with the jurors afterward.  They loved the expert.   They loved the animation.  They all agreed that this presentation was the turning point in the trial.  One juror commented, 'That made all the difference'."

"ArchieMD Legal Graphics provided a compelling demonstrative exhibit in one of my recent OB/GYN cases.  The concepts involved in the case were complex and difficult to convey to a jury.  The 3D animation allowed us to clearly demonstrate our theory of the case thus resulting in a defense verdict."

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